Technological Innovation" Can Cause One "Factor Of Production" To Achieve Profit

Technological innovation" can cause one "Factor of production" To achieve profit
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This book uses a descriptive methodology of system analysis to show that technology is needed on economic progress, and that innovation can raise efficiency and more productivity. Economies, far from being in " equilibrium" ,in fact evolve through the continual differentiation of products and proceses or change of scope. The only solution for raising productivity and efficiency, who are losing out in the race is investment in all its forms, in both equipment and people. This analysis will be of interest to all those faced with economic decisions: engineers, managers, scientists and administrators as well as economists need to learn how to use technology to solve low efficiency and low productivity challenges. This is a book for those who, as economists by training who doubt the current efficacy of the solutions which whose discipline traditionally prescribes, as economic dominance begins to move with the technology to parts of the world that only a short time ago were considered " less developed". This book presents an analysis of economic processes which does not require hypotheses. It shows how economies evolve through the deliberate action not only of individual, but also of firm, governments and business organizations and students who have interest to judge why the technological innovation can be one production of factor to some organizations or why it can not be one production of factor to some organizations as well as how the technologial innovation can be brought what external or internal influence to the organization after whose organization changed to technological innovation of organizational structure.





























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